5-10 предложений про ОСЕНЬ на английском

5 предложений про осень на английском Рассказы на английском

Написать 5-10 предложений про ОСЕНЬ на английском поможет изложенный ниже рассказ об осени. Вы можете подготовить описание осенней погоды на английском, описать плюсы и минусы осени.

5 предложений про осень на английском

Autumn is one of the beautiful seasons that is a middle season between summer and winter.
Autumn comes just after the summer.

The tree leaves start getting yellow, orange, and red.
This season is very important for farmers.
In autumn season almost all crops and fruits get ripened.
I love the autumn season so much.

10 предложений про ОСЕНЬ на английском

  1. Autumn is one of the four major seasons.
  2. Autumn is my favorite season, with colorful leaves and cool weather.
  3. Autumn is a time of change.
  4. The days start to get shorter.
  5. Leaves change color and fall from trees. In this season leaves change their colour to yellow and orange.
  6. Animals begin to prepare for winter.
  7. Autumn is a favourite season for poets and painters.
  8. Cozy evenings with cocoa and sweaters make autumn special.
  9. It’s the perfect season to gather around a bonfire with friends and family.
  10. I love the autumn magical season.

10 Предложений про осень

Рассказ про осень на английском

Autumn is one of the four major seasons in a year.

This season falls from the month of September to November.

In Autumn everything turns from green to yellow. Trees and grass become yellow in colour and the fallen leaves cover the face of the earth. Autumn has its own unique beauty.

Animals start preparing for winter in this season. Some birds migrate to warmer places. Small animals like squirrels and mouse start storing food. In winters, they do not come out from their holes and eat the stored food only. Animals like Bears, hedgehog etc find a warm place where they can hibernate in winter.

This season shows a new face of nature. Autumn season teaches us that even if the leaves fall, new leaves will take their place one day.

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